What is E-waste? E-waste is a term of electronic product that have become unwanted, non-working and have essentially reached the end of their useful life (Eletronix Redux n.d). From my understanding that E-waste is the electronic such us cellphone, smartphone, television and other electronic products which we keep changing and throw them away. As we know nowadays our technology keep improving and innovate new electronic product in our life and it influence the people nowadays keep changing and buy the latest electronic product meanwhile throw the old electronic product away. Technology advances at such a high rate, so many electronic devices become “trash” after a few short years of use (Electronix Redux n.d). It is true that nowadays the electronic devices have a short terms of useful, like for example Apple, I-phone, Apple is always innovate a new I-phone and like the latest is I-phone 5 and people always want to get a new I-phone although the old I-phone still can use and Apple always innovate and publish new I-phone in one to two year. So, most of the people won’t use their smartphone for long because there is always a new one in one to two years time meanwhile the useful life of the smartphone is become low. Recall back to previous cellphone, that one can last longer and the useful life is long unlike now too many new and good technology smartphone.

I want to ask you guys, do you know where do the e-waste end up? how and what people doing to e-waste? There were a lot of illegal issues which people exported the electronic which unwanted and cannot function to the country such Far East, India, Africa and China. According to Greenpace International (2009), mentioned that inspection of 18 European seaports in 2005 found as much as 47 percent of waste destined for export, including e-waste, was illegal and at least 23,000 metric tonnes of undeclared or ‘grey’ market electronic waste was illegally shipped in 2003 to the Far East, India, Africa and China. As you can see that mostly of the country they had shipped which had a low economic status. Do you know what and how the people do to the unwanted electronic devices? They burn it which bring harmful environment to the people in Africa, China, Far East and India as the electronic devices contains precious metal such as gold, platinum, silver and copper and many component also contain hazardous substance like lead, cadmium and mercury (Saahas n.d) which bring sickness and harmful to their body and the quality of living environmental. For example, Bangalore had a bad environmental because e-waste and picture below can shown that the bad and harmful environmental. 

From those pictures above, it had clearly shown that the health concern and environment concern in Bangalore is under a serious matter. Bangalore’s citizen have to work under the harmful environmental is because of earning money to support their life but it is really bringing harmful to their health! Not only the adult, even the kid have to work under a bad environmental because of earning money. I felt sad that the kids do not have choice and have to living under a bad and harmful environmental living place. E-waste had become a global challenge and concern because of the nature of production and disposal of waste globalized world (StEP Initiative n.d). In other hand, raised concerns about resource efficieny and also the immediate concerns of the dangers to human and the environment (StEP initiative n.d) which I had mentioned just now the harmful environment which affect the health of people. 

At the end, now only know about E-waste which it is a global challenge and serious matter. E-waste made me scare of electronic devices as the electronic devices also bring harmful to us if we keep using it although we are not burning. Anyway, there’s some organization which support and reduce E-waste matter and where people can send and drop their unwanted electronic devices and they will using a right way to recycling it because of safe disposal, for example Saahas, it is an organisation concern about the E-waste matter and which will collect those unwanted electronic devices and recycling it under a safety way. 

p/s: Miss Rohayu, I knew that it was a little late post this topic because I was totally forgot about this chapter. I’m sorry for the late and I knew I will lose mark on it but I will still post it as better than nothing. Sorry and thank you. 

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Count On Me- To all my classmates and Miss Rohayu

This is the last blog post. I feel like want to cry when I blog this. I admit that I do not really love study especially assignments but study is always the best job as I can play with my classmates and always make fun with them. Diploma till today is almost 4 years plus. I do not believe that it is my last semester which going to end my study life soon. Throughout these 4 years, I had learned a lot of things. Hmm… I think the things I learned is become more confident in talking and perform in front of the crowd. Also become more outgoing which I refuse to do before I enter college. I might not a special or lovely person in the class but I will definitely try my best to help my friend when they are in trouble. Count one me this song is for you all.

Back to the BCM310, sometimes I might not understand and clear enough what lecturer had said but from this subject I had learned a lot of media issues such as white bread media, pinkwashing and others. At first, I do not really love blog especially every week but I feel a bit lost and sad when I know this blog post is the last which my semester going to end soon.

Anyway, I do not what to say but just thanks to Miss Rohayu and my fellow classmates who help me a lot and love me a lot. I love you all. To those who is the last semester, good luck in our final and graduate together. Same goes to others who having one more semester, good luck to you all in final. Hopefully I can graduate too. All the best to all of you and I will miss you all. Keep in touch. Bye.

Think When You Are Moderate A Conversation


Have you guys think before you comment on anything online? Are you sure that your comment do not hurt, criticize and insult others? Sometimes, you might not think that it is not hurt, criticize and insult others but the way of everyone interpret a word or sentences is not the same. Some of the might interpret in another meaning but some of time might interpret into different meaning. You might it is nothing and positive but others might think that what you had said is insult, hurt or criticize them.  

The article of Martin (2012), a quote said that people feel so voiceless in the old media and not they have a voice, now they can express what they think publicity, they want to scream it out- and if nay one questions that or tries to moderate it they respond with this incredible anger. From this statement, people might think that they do not have freedom speech in the old media which they can not explain, comment or giving idea on anything. Yes, now there is a lot of social networking and internet sites that can allow us to comment, post or respond anything online such as blog post, Facebook, Twitter and others social networking sites that allow us to voice out what is in our mind. Anyway, since we are have the freedom speech by using those internet sites but we have to be balance and responsible what we say and comment such as do not post anything that insulting, hurting others. Sometimes, there is some law suits on media and it is because they want to control the media content in order to avoid insult, hurt and criticize on anything. People it might think they are control by law suits but what I think is they create the law suit is to prevent people keep posting, commenting that might bring negative interpretation to others. 

According to Martin (2012), ‘as unregulated speech increased, the personal safety of staff and users became a concern’. Just like what I said, nowadays there is a lot networking sites that given a chance of freedom speech meanwhile there is a lot of unregulated speech increase and it might bring effect towards personal safety and feelings. Sometimes, given a freedom speech rights or not is a problem because when complain when they do not have freedom speech but they will write anything without consideration to others once they have right. So, we have to be balance when we have the right and responsible on everything that we say and post. 

In a wordpress blog posted, mentioned that some of the limitation on freedom speech is not imposed by government limit but they are imposed by citizens on others citizens or even by themselves (P.A.P 2009). For the statement above, I think it is because of some of the citizens they would like protect their privacy, self-esteem and self-left by controlling the content post or comment by others that might hurt, insult or criticize themselves. So, they would like to imposed the limitation of freedom speech in order to protect themselves. 

Look at this picture, ‘Free Speech doesn’t mean Careless Talk!’.

Well said, as we must be careful on what we say and post online and do appreciate

when we have the right on freedom speech.

At last, I would like to say we must appreciate we have the freedom speech and be responsible on what we say and what post. THINK BEFORE YOU POST OR WRITE something online. 



Fiona Martin (2012) ‘Vox Populi, Vox Dei: ABC Online and the risks of dialogic interaction’ in Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web, editors, N.Brugger and M.Burns. New York: Peter Lang.pp. 177-192

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We are living together, So be fair to each other.


We are living together, so be fair to each other. Since we are living in the same place so we must be fair in everything such as MEDIA. Since we are a media student, we should know media is for everyone and everyone can be join and share the media. We should not be stereotyping or racist on anyone. According to Yasmin Jiwani (n.d), said that contemporary media coverage of people of colour tends to focus on their cultural backgrounds. From the statement, in my opinion is people should not understand about other’s culture by looking at their skin colour because that was not a right way to understand the background of anyone. There is not always the same background to the people who had the same skin colour. 

Blackface Icon small Blackface! Black Stereotypes     Yellowface Icon small Yellowface!Asian Stereotypes

Brownface Icon small Brownface! Hispanic Stereotypes Redface Icon small Redface! Indian Stereotypes

Arabface Icon small Arabface! Arab Stereotypes  Jewface Icon smallJewface!Jewish Stereotypes

In the media, we should put all the ‘skin colour’ in the same treatment such as everyone should appear in movie, advertisement or others media cause do not only focus one religion. For this week, we was discussed about the ‘white bread media’ matter in Australia. 

What is ‘what bread media’ in Australia? 

-Australian media portrays a very white face in TV shows and news programs (Sophienewmarch 2013). 

-The notion of ‘white bread media’, relates to the way in which Australian media fails to deliver an inclusive portrayal of our fellow ethnic counterparts and rather limiting these people to ‘stereotyping, invisibility, sensationalism and racist presentation’ (Dreher 2013). 

From what I’m understanding from both statement above will be Australian was failed to put others religion like Arab and Muslim in the media. Because in their media only put the white skin which is Australian to represent in their media. In my opinion, Arab and Muslim might not originally born in Australia but immigrated to Australia but we should not put the different thinking and looking at them because they are human. They are just having different skin colour and religion. Media is for everyone in the world, of course whenever we do or publish media must think of the country or places in order to have stereotyping or racism matter happen such as ‘white bread media’ in Australia.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HImTqgRTUBg, this link is title as ‘Exposed: Australian Racists in 2012’, the video is basically how others people from different country or from media think of the Australian racism matter. There’s some comment from Chinese towards the matter of Australian racism. Anyway, they should reduce the matter of racism as it might lead the young generation and future generation to the mind of racism meanwhile the matter of racism will not be reduce. I think media should publish for video and message to the people who being racism and we can telling them about others background and how’t the feeling of others when they are being racist by others. Different religion might not the same with us but they can bring different fun or experience to us. 

Look at the bread, the white bread cover by the brown bread skin meanwhile it represent actually other than the white bread, actually we had cover and stick with others skin colour bread skin. Means that, not matter we having a different skin colour but we are still stick together and being close to each other. We should not be racism. This is my opinion towards the bread above, hope that it make sense. 

By the way, not all stereotyping is bad and it arises out of the need to generalize in order to make sense out of a very complicated environment and allows people to easily categorize new things into a comfortable spaces which defined by their experiences (n.d). It is true not all the stereotyping is bad but we should make it as a ethic stereotype which do not offend or hurt others feeling. 


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New Technologies Neglected People Who Disabilities

For this week lecturer, we had discussed about the new technologies had neglected the disable people. The introduction of new technologies always sees people with disabilities overlooked, neglected and forgotten (Goggin & Newell 2007). It is true that nowadays the abilities is lack of providing the convenient or function let the disable people can access or using it. In my opinion, new technologies should not forgotten about the disable people because it might hurt their feeling and they could not enjoy, use, or access the new technologies in the world.


For example, our smartphones and the screen is flat and people with blind were not able to use it even the smartphone is a trend nowadays but they could not follow the trend. They will only can use the cellphone that we used before which with 9 keyboard or button which can text a message without looking it. For me, I was still love the old cellphones although I’m using I-phone, it is because that I can text a message without looking at it but smartphone’s screen is flat so I have to look at the screen and type message. Frankly speaking, smartphones is not that convenient to use and not durable as last time.

From a blog had stated that ‘society is beginning to think of putting ramps in buildings before they’re built, these considerations might not yet have been considered for the digital world’ (Watching Media 2012). I agreed with this, it is because no matter how’s the technologies getting better and new they must consider all the people around the world which not forgotten the disable people. Just like what I had said just now disable people would like to use the new technologies nowadays but they couldn’t use it because the new technologies do not provide any accessibility to them. I know we have to keep improve and invention new technologies but do think of all the people around the world no matter who they are. New technologies have to improve as let the users easier to access anything and communicate so disable people want to communicate as well. The people who invention the new technologies must always think of disable people as their consumer not only the normal people.

At the end, I would like to say DO NOT NEGLECTED THE DISABLE PEOPLE. Thanks for reading my blogs. Have a nice day.


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Feudalisation of the Internet – Walled Garden

From BCM310 classes, Miss had explained about the chapter of Feudalisation of the Internet. For my understanding of feudalisation is someone or something that control the platform, content or data that used by people.

From one of the lecture slides, was talking about the beautiful and horrible walled garden (Mitew. T 2013). What is walled garden? According to a website, had mentioned that walled garden is refers to browsing environment that controls the information, data or websites that user is using and control on accessibility (Webopedia n.d). Just like our college, was using walled garden as well in order to control students access on certain website so that they will only allow student to limited web sites. For example, last time we would like to access facebook’s games but we couldn’t access successfully when you are using internet of college.

When everything is under walled garden, means everything is not internet anymore because you can’t access the website or data that you want to browse and use means you are under controlling unlike internet is you can browse everything you want. The way you use the data is decided by content industry and you do not have the freedom or right to access the things you want. Every content was control and hold to the platforms. Licensing fees? Yes, some of the website is only allow you access their website with paying licensing fees, for example: some of the journals website, you only can access after you purchase it. Copyright controls, some of the data is control by copyright and we can’t use the data but I agree with this copyright because everyone hard work is won’t let others use it easily.

Another things, Surveillance means everyone can freely distribute content online just like we update our status or photos on Facebook or Twitter (Mitew. T 2013) . Actually everything we post, Facebook or Twitter will store our photos or status in their data although we had deleted it sometimes. From our lecture slides said that today it is cheaper to store content than to erase it, yes! It is true because we can update photos and status easily but when we erase it is not easy. We thought we had erase it but actually not totally erase it because the platform or industry is saving our data although we delete it and it might download or copy by other user without our notice. Social networking had a lot of cases that people using others photos without any permission and it is against someone privacy.

Sometimes online data know you more than your loves one because they store a lot of data which related to you. Like that day, our lecturer ask us to search our name from Google, I found out that my name is on a website which telling people I am a coordinator of my previous intern company but I remember I had never provide any details of mine to the website. I feel unsafe of using social networking now but no choice social networking is part of our life now. From my opinion, it might unsafe sometimes but it bring a lot of fun to kill my boredom and giving a lot of information and news around the worlds now. Other than that, to protect our privacy, just don’t post some sensitive photos and status in order to escape laws suit.

Anyway, that’s all for this topic. Try to check everything before you post something. Thank you.



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Universities in Digital Age, All About Online and Internet

Nowadays, the university students and lecturer is mostly using online to download, upload, send, share and update their work. Just like us, we are doing our assignment by posting blog online. We download, upload, search and find, update,and pass up our work mostly by online. Frankly speaking, I was seldom use and read book to done my assignments as the sources that to help my assignments was mostly from internet. Sometimes, sources from internet is easier for us to find and get a lot of different sources to finish our assignments but some of the sources is we need to pay a certain price then we can only access the full version of it. Sometimes the cost of one journal is not cheap though meanwhile it was a troublesome for us.

Yes, it might because of respect to the author so we pay for it but sometimes not everyone can effort and willing to pay. According to Neylon.T (2012) article, he had mentioned that three major issues about they have with Elsevier’s business practices were journal prices is high, bundle sales system is a profit device that sells unwanted journals and historically, Elsevier has supported legislation such as the Research Works Act (RWA) that would hinder researchers’ and universities’ ability to support open access. Let’s say if some of the student couldn’t afford the price, so how they are going to get a better sources and even have the money but purchase some useless sources so it is better to be open source for everyone around the world.

There’s a non-profit organization: ‘Open Knowledge Foundation’, was founded in 2004 and dedicated promoting open data and content in government data, publicly funded research and public domain cultural content (OFKU n.d). Their vision is let people free to use, reuse, redistribute on any content, information or date without any legal (OKFU n.d). I am agree and support with their vision because it is good to have free use, reuse and redistribute some of the data or content because everyone have their own opinion to reedit the data or content meanwhile people do not have to pay only can access the sources like student can free access the sources in order to get a sufficient and better result in their assignments. In OKFU (n.d), one of the their believe in the power of openness is Better Research. I think it is right as what I had said just now get more sources in order to get a sufficient and better result in work meanwhile it can provide better research sources to others in the future which is Better Research. Another three believe of them is better governance, better culture, better economy (OKFU n.d). For them, the reason have to be open data is transparency means everyone should have the right access any sources or data for free use, reuse or redistribution meanwhile share the sources (OKFU n.d). Another reason is releasing social and commercial value as data is a key sources to social and commercial activities in a digital age as everyone was using data to do their work, business or collect information (OKFU n.d). Participation and engagement, means that can let users participate and engage with your data meanwhile promote their profile and value to the user. Anyway, I am agree with the three reason because everything must be transparency as everyone have to know everything. As we are live in a digital age nowadays, most of the time we are getting the sources from internet and it was a part of tools in our life in order to do our works. Since we are live in a digital age, if provide an open data is easier for us to engage and reach our target audience as everyone is depending on internet nowadays. Just like me, I,m using the sources from internet and posting my work online.

That’s all for my post about the universities in digital age and some of the articles. Thanks for read and view my post.